The Village Crazy Lady

I have been doing a little more soul searching about who I am as a person and what I contribute to this world. I have spent the last five years researching and reading every single day on how to live the healthiest life possible. The studies and information I have come across over the years has been enlightening and confusing. There is so much information out there, and most don’t know what to believe and I HATE having to navigate this sometimes.

For me, this wasn’t about finding the information that matched my beliefs, it was about finding the information that supported my instincts. We were not made to leave our babies in separate beds at night. We were not made to consume 150 pounds of sugar a year (USDA). We were not made to process all of the toxins that we come into contact with daily. We were not meant to stay under florescent lighting 8-12 hours a day.

The more I delve into the subject of living “crunchy” the more upset it makes me that we as humans think we are separate from the other species and that we are separate from Nature in general.

Now, anyone that knows me personally knows that I do not approve of shaming the way anyone lives. This is not what this post is about. This post is about enlightenment and to plant a seed that may resonate with you. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know how I acquired it, but I have a force that drives me to do and think better. Does this mean that my way is the only way? Do I think I am better than others around me? Does this shame other people because they’re not doing the same as me?


It is not my job to fill insecurities. It is not my job to say I am above anyone. It is not my job to say you’re wrong. It IS my job to build others up. It IS my job to make people aware. It IS my job to welcome people to my circle. (This is what I feel IS my job in society.)

A few years ago, someone called me out on Facebook. They did not tag me, but they knew I would see it. I was accused of rubbing my natural, hippie ways in my Facebook Friends’ faces. I was shoving my beliefs down others’ throats. And I was “wrong” for doing it. All because I commented on an article about ear piercing for babies and toddlers and that the author said it was abuse. Personally, I believe in body autonomy and I think one should be able to choose when and where their body gets modified. I didn’t share this post. I didn’t comment that I think people should be in jail for piercing their baby’s ears. I only commented that it was a rite of passage to get my ears pierced when I turned 13. I thought about commenting back on her post, but there was so much hatred and shaming in the comments; I felt I was forced to hide. I deleted that person and all the people she associated with. I was so hurt. But . . . why?

Not being part of mainstream thinking does not make me crazy, nor does it make me wrong. I was there once too.

Yesterday, I attended a Summit for Wellness for my company. There were about twelve people who were ambassadors and we all introduced ourselves and when we did, I noticed I was the only one who did not mention working out. I said my daily “must” wellness thing to do was drink my bulletproof coffee, and that I loved food. I kind of felt singled out and even joked about it because many people mentioned triathlons, and running. Working out is not my thing. I don’t mind working out but it’s definitely not where my passion lies when it comes to being healthy. But this kind of concerned me as well. I see on social media every day that people complain that they need to get fit because they need to lose weight. But now, after experiencing many failed attempts of losing weight with only exercise and “healthy eating,” I feel like now, I know why using exercise only to lose weight, it all makes sense to me now on why it didn’t work. Where is the thinking that our diet needs to change? We need to get back to the basics. Do I have it all figured out? Of course not, but now I know why consuming fake food doesn’t work either, or only works momentarily. Our bodies have always been made to consume low carb. Of course there are exceptions to this with many health issues that some may have.

Along with the environmental toxins all around us, our bodies are overwhelmed with processing these things. Food AND environmental factors do matter. Here are some facts:

-Sun exposure does not cause melanoma.

-Under federal law, cosmetics companies don’t have to disclose chemicals or gain approval for the 2,000 products that go on the market every year. (Toxic Substances Control Act)

84,000 Chemicals are used in products we consume and use every day, and only 1% have been tested for safety. (The Human Experiment Documentary)

-Vaccines contain aborted human baby, monkey, chicken, cow, and other animal DNA. (CDC)

-A high temperature in the body should not be feared.

-Some studies have a hidden agenda. Example:  Coca-Cola funds studies to deflect that their products cause obesity.

-Scientists are finding out that gut health affects behavior.

-Essential oils have been used since before biblical times.

Remember, products that are marketed on the radio, TV, and in any ad, are made to make you feel insufficient to buy their products. Fear tactics are also used. Be mindful when reading into everything, even this! NOTHING is a one size fits all option.

I am screaming it from the rooftops. I am not crazy. I am mindful. I am not judging you. Every one now a days wants “proof,” of what you are telling them and rightfully so, and I have provided links to statements I have made. But one thing that we have to consider is that science is never a done deal. There are always other factors to consider in science and any situation. Our country is in trouble right now. It appears that we have a health crisis on our hands, but not many are considering the source of sickness. It’s all around us.

Now, many of you will say, I trust my doctor. I know that she has adequate resources to do her job. I get that. I don’t disagree. (Actually, I think that modern medicine can have an important role.) What I am saying is that that is one source. One. Remember, smoking, was also recommended by doctors. I won’t go into the huge rabbit hole of the financial gains companies have by keeping you ill. But there are many and there is an agenda.


Health knowledge is ever-changing. America is one of the richest countries in the world, yet we have the sickest people in it. Think about it; why is this? It’s more and more I realize that Mother Nature provides for us more than we realize and sometimes when we intervene, we tend to make more of a mess of things. This belief and these findings have lead me to a stronger faith and heavier reliance on what God provides in Nature. It’s completely amazing! I want to shout it from the roof tops and if this makes me crazy, so be it.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor should any of this be used as health advice. This blog is for enlightenment of doing your own research and making your own assessment of the information provided.

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